Varisian Legends

Black Fang's Dungeon

The first taste of adventure

Aidan Brose, Barius Tractarian, Derza Brownrigg, Lee Roy

Calendar Date: Oathday Desnus 1, 4704 AR

The hinterlands of Sandpoint had been plagued by cattle and livestock going missing throughout the country-side. A large, black creature had been seen in the night abducting the livestock and flying to a small mountain just south of the town of Sandpoint.

A group of Sandpoint locals with a desire to end the torment the black creature (dubbed “Black Fang” after a long, black fang had been found after one particular abduction) had been bringing to the town and country-side of Sandpoint.

The adventurers arrived at a cave at the base of the mountain and were assaulted immediately by two small goblins, which were easily and quickly dispatched. The interior of the cave looked to have once been a temple that had long-since been forgotten, and is now home to a small tribe of goblins as well as a few other creatures.

The adventurers faced many trials, including gaining a magical gem and a longsword called “Dragon’s Bane”, fighting giant spiders and undead, and aiding the goblin “king” regain his precious toy, they encountered the Black Fang creature, which turned out to be a young black dragon! After a mighty swing of the sword Dragon’s Bane by the warrior Derza, the dragon retreated out the open side of the cavern, but not before claiming in the common tongue “I do not have time to bother with you meddling humans, I cannot wait for that old necromancer any longer.”

Upon their return to town, the mayor ordered a feast be prepared for the adventurers. The townfolk began calling the four adventurers the title “Dragon Hunter”.



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