Balenar Forsend

The Pathfinder Bard that was rescued from the Fallen Tower


Balenar is a Pathfinder Society member from Magnimar. He was exploring the ruins around the Fallen Tower when a large black dragon slammed into the side of the tower, leaving a large crumbling opening. He found this a perfect opportunity to be the first explorer to have entered the tower in at least a century. Unbeknownst to him, a small group of troglodytes had moved into the tower, having tunneled into the basement underground, and now occupied the tower.

Balenar was overwhelmed by the troglodytes and captured. Oddly he was not tortured or eaten or anything, though they did feed him just enough to stay alive. Balenar learned that they were saving him for the full moon, in order to sacrifice him to some horrible lizard god.

Fortunately for Balenar, he was found by a group of adventurers before he was sacrificed.

Balenar Forsend

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