Character Creation

Character balance and reduction of a min/max (or munchkinizing) mentality are the focus of these character creation rules. Please keep these points in mind when creating a character.


A new character can be created with 20-point point buy.

Available Races

All core races are available, as well as “mix” races (races mixed with one of the core races). All non-core races must be approved by the Campaign Manager. If a non-core race has a race point total of above 10 (per the PC Race creation rules), that race must be rebuilt using the race builder rules to have only a maximum of 10 points. The Campaign Manager must first approve the concept, then build the race and provide you with his proposal. Remember, the Campaign Manager has the final say in this matter. The official available race list is (races that will need to be reconfigured will be marked with a ^):

In addition to these races, with Campaign Manager approval, you may devise a unique mixed race from any of the humanoid races (Note: this does not include monstrous humanoid races). You must choose a core race to mix with, and much like stated before, the Campaign manager will build your race with a 10 point race builder pool, based on the features of the selected races.

In any case, the character must physically resemble one of the core races (based on your selection, a gnome can’t look like an elf) enough that at first glance, no one would think twice about that character.


All classes created by Paizo (and not 3rd party) are available for play. This includes the Advance Class Guide Playtest classes, but you should be aware that the class could potentially change between now and the release of the book.

In any case, you MUST know the abilities of your class inside and out. Do not expect the Game Master to tell you how to play the class you selected, and in some cases, you might need to educate the Game Master on how your class is played.

Any evidence that a player did not at least familiarize themselves with the class will have the consequence of the character being removed from the game until the next session, so as to not slow down the game.

Character Backgrounds

Varisian Legends will be utilizing random background generation, as presented by the Ultimate Campaign guide. The result is a barebones backstory for your character, allowing you to flesh him/her out as you see fit. This has in-game benefits as outlined in some of the next sections.

Traits and Drawbacks

You must choose at least one trait that was granted by your generated background. Any other trait can be selected from the normal list (though the standard trait rules apply, no more than one per category, the trait must make sense to your background, etc).

Additionally, if you select to accept the drawback you were provided from background generation, you may select an additional trait.


A new character can select one additional bonus feat.

In addition to the standard available feats, story based feats are offered. Please see a Game Master if you wish to select one granted from your background, or if you wish to pursue the feat to acquire it or it’s objective.


Varisian Legends utilizes Grouped Skills and Background Skills rules from the Pathfinder Unchained rulebook.

Starting Wealth

Starting wealth will be handled based Base Attack Bonus progression.

  • Slow Progression: 100g
  • Medium Progression: 175g
  • Fast Progression: 250g


Varisian Legends does not use Alignment. All alignment abilities, equipment and spells are removed (or replaced in the event that they are part of a class feature).

Height and Weight

Height and weight can be selected based on the main core race you have chosen, otherwise it can be randomly determined via dice roll.

Character Creation

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