House Rules

Varisian Legends is a sandbox world that operates on a consistant timeline. A GM, and a minimum of two and a maximum of six players are required for each game session.

Each player ends a session with a the particular in-game date the session ended, thus it is possible for multiple characters to exist on any point in the timeline.

Any player wishing to play in a game session must increase their character’s timeline date to match the character with the latest timeline date (adding any reasonable amount of additional days that character wishes to take for downtime, if allowed). Downtime activities are resolved for the number of days from the character’s starting original date, to the new date. This is done before the session begins.

(Example: Mattrim Savilus’ last session ended on Oathday, Desnus 1, 4707 AR, and Braoin Orcsbane’s last session ended on Toilday, Desnus 12, 4707 AR. They both want to check out a nearby cave, so they decide to adventure together. Braoin wants to take three days of downtime, making the current date for both Braoin and Mattrim Fireday, Desnus 15, 4707 AR. Braoin must then resolve three days of downtime and Mattrim must resolve fourteen days.

Please view the Golarion Calendar for day references.)

Various Rules

  • Alignment – Alignment has been removed from this game. All abilities, spells, equipment, etc are not available in this campaign.
  • Automatic Bonus Progression – removes enhancement bonus items from the game and automatically improves the character as they level. This allows the magic item slots that would normally house these items to be available for more interesting magic items. This also will reduce the overall wealth of a character.
  • Bargaining – The rules for bargaining (or haggling). NOTE: not all items can be bargained for and unless quest-specific, should be handled outside of a gaming session (via in-game forum).
  • Contacts – PCs meet interesting and useful allies all the time. Contacts lets you turn those chance meetings and dealings into long-term recurring characters in your campaign.
  • Consolidated Skills and Grouped Skills – The Consolidated Skills optional rules reduces the total number of skills from more than 30 to just 12. It also reduces the overall number of skill ranks, making them easier to track. This is used in conjunction with Grouped Skills, in which a character can gain broad training in a group of skills, while specializing in a few subsets.
  • Downtime – Downtime plays a major role in Varisian Legends, these are the rules.
  • Honor – If your character qualifies for an honor code (per game coordinator), these rules cover how to use it to your advantage.
  • Investments – These rules cover investment management.
  • Magic Item Creation – Explanation of magic item creation and limits.
  • Reputation and Fame – These rules cover Prestige and Fame, and how to use it to your advantage.
  • Retraining – These rules cover how to use the downtime system to retrain your character.
  • Revised Action Economy – This replaces the combat actions such as Standard Action and Move Action with action points, allowing much more versatility per round, while simplifying the concept of combat actions.
  • Settlement Rules – These rules explain settlement info blocks.
  • Taxation – These rules govern the unfortunate topic of Taxation.
  • Young Characters – If you wish to create a young character, these rules will cover the changes to character creation.

House Rules

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