Varisian Legends

Fallen Tower, part 2

I wonder if Barae sees the irony in the title of this adventure

Barae Aeil, Derza Brownrigg, Lobos Ramirez, Zalanor Farfell

Calendar Date: Moonday Desnus 5, 4704 AR

When we left off, the adventurers had climbed their way to the second floor of the tower, using Lobos’ exquisite silk rope (how generous of him). Taking the first door on the left, they were greeted by a friendly lizard. The lizard nuzzled up to Lobos, hoping for a treat, but upon doing so let out a spark of electricity — this was a shocker lizard! There were many attempts among the party to sway the lizard away, but it wasn’t until Derza fed the lizard a dried up (smaller) dead lizard, that they were able to coax the lizard away.

Unfortunately, during this time, two young troglodyte guards entered the room, having heard all the commotion and attacked. They were easily dispatched and one died, though the party stabilized and healed the other. As it turned out, Zalanor was able to speak to and understand these lizardy creatures and questioned the young troglodyte. He asked about the jade statuette, but the creature did not know what he was talking about. Then he questioned the guard about the lizard, learning that it was one of the many pets owned by “the boss”. Zalanor then learned that “the boss”, Tasskar, stayed at the top of the tower (of course). After questioning, the party let the troglodyte go free.

Moving into the final room of the floor, Barae noticed a pressure plate on the floor that could be a trap. Lobos was able to confirm this was the case, but was unable to disable the pressure plate. He recommended that everyone throw some of the rusty equipment they had found in an old armory, so Derza found the biggest piece of armor she could find and threw it on the plate, triggering the trap. That was when a javelin flew through the air toward her and while not piercing her armor, still hurt – a lot.

Taking the stairs to the third floor, they found the door here was locked, and again Lobos was unable to bypass the lock, leaving them scratching their heads and heading up to the next floor. In the fourth floor, they found themselves in a barracks occupied by three of the troglodyte guards. Again, they were not a challenge, though one ran into the next room and came back with a rather large troglodyte.

It took some time to take down the large troglodyte, but they eventually felled it with little worry. Moving to the next room, the found a makeshift jail cell that contained a human! Releasing the prisoner, they learned that he was Balenar Forsend, bard of the Pathfinder Society. He had been captured while exploring the tower and was to be a sacrifice to some unknown troglodyte god. Balenar assisted them the rest of the time as they explored the tower, mostly by encouraging them with tales of how Aroden overcame much in his mortal life before becoming a god, but also with his bow.

On this floor, the group found the statue, hidden below the waters of a flooded room that was occupied by a giant frog. After killing the frog and taking the statue, they stepped outside onto the ledge where a room used to be before it collapsed and found themselves inside a swarm of bats, but the bats quickly flew off leaving a few cuts and scrapes. With the statue in hand, the adventurers could have left then and there, but decided to confront the “boss”, Tasskar. They climbed the stairs to the top of the tower.

Tasskar sat in his chair, summoning swarms of spiders, while his albino crocodile attacked everyone in range. Derza, Lobos, and Barae charged Tasskar, but as they all crowded the end of the room that was held above the open space that once was a wall, the floor gave out. Derza, Lobos and Tasskar jumped to safety, but sadly Barae fell with the floor. Lobos heroically tried to grab ahold of Barae, but he was too late. Barae desperately tried to grasp onto each floor as he fell past them, but inevitably hit the ground; and as far as anyone could have guessed, he had died.

In a rage, having seen their comrade literally fall in battle, the remaining members of the party attacked Tasskar and his pet with full force, ending with Lobos skewering both of his kidneys and removing them at once with the skill of a surgeon. Derza and Balenar rushed down to search for Barae’s body, while Zalanor and Lobos sorted through the corpses and assorted treasures at the top of the tower.

The team at the ground found Barae, covered in blood and unmoving; but to their surprise, he was not only still alive, but his wounds appeared to have already stopped bleeding! Balenar took a wand of cure light wounds from Barae’s belongings and healed his wounds to the point where Barae was fully conscious, then returned the wand.

Meanwhile, at the top of the tower, Lobos and Zalanor found a key on Tasskar’s body that surely led to the locked door on the third floor. The adventurers regrouped and entered the third floor to find a temple dedicated to Nethys, the god of magic — and it was defended by two burning skeletons. The group defeated the skeletons and decided the tower had been cleared of all threats, so they decided to return to town and collect their reward.

Father Zantus was pleased with their accomplishments and gladly paid them for their work. Balenar was so grateful for being rescued, he suggested that if the adventurers were interested in joining the Pathfinder Society, he would be glad to recommend them with glowing praise — they might not even need to go through the training a new recruit would normally require, due to their peformence at the Fallen Tower.



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