Varisian Legends

Hello, Magnimar! (a downtime tale)

Or, how I spent the last three weeks.

Barae Aeil, Derza Brownrigg, Lobos Ramirez, Zalanor Farfell

Calendar Date: Fireday Desnus 9, 4704 AR

The adventurers took Balenar up on his offer to join the Pathfinder Society. Balenar offered to pay for carriage for them to Magnimar while he road along on horseback. He even offered to house them while they awaited acceptance to the society. The group packed up their meager belongings and traveled to Magnimar. After an eight-hour trip, they arrived at the city of monuments.

The following day, they filed the paperwork to join the society. It is a lengthy process to be accepted, but with Balenar’s recommendation, the process was expedited. Even still, it took 20 days for the paperwork to be accepted.

During this time, the adventurers got to know the big city:

(Let me know what your downtime activity is, if I don’t hear from you, I will just assume you worked your profession)

Barae joined the training academy, Rorin’s Combat School, a school that teaches the local city guard; but also civilians that pay the right amount of coin. He trained with Rorin, learning how to deflect blows from incoming attacks. He learned all he could during these 20 days and certainly will be better at mitigating damage.



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